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Feel active & get refreshed by 10,000 Lux LEDs

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What people are saying about lightphoria

Cured my depression, great customer service, and no more anti-depressants

6 of 6 people found the review helpful. By D. Pffeiffer

I withdrew from antidepressants after taking them for 10 years and was looking for a more ‘natural’ fix for my low serotonin levels.
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I withdrew from antidepressants after taking them for 10 years and was looking for a more ‘natural’ fix for my low serotonin levels. I tried EVERYTHING from eating high-carb meals, eating bananas and walnuts, hard-core exercise, L-tryptophan, suntheanine, ginkgo biloba, St. John’s wort, fish oil, chewing gum, B vitamins, Vitamin C, solar plexus treatments. The only two treatments that really worked in the winter was using this light in the morning for a full 15 minutes, and popping 5 HTP tablets. The only time I take 5HTP now is when I don’t have a chance to use this light. This product is much cheaper, much more effective, and much healthier than antidepressants with none of the side effects!! Also, the customer service is swift and fantastic. The light is small, super-portable, and surprisingly super-effective. You won’t believe it will work as well as it does until you try it!!



This works! This thing has completely kicked me out of a depression

13 of 15 people found the review helpful. By Catherine Harrison

Background: I’d considered light therapy for a few years, and my psychiatrist recommended it. I have bipolar which is controlled well by medication,
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but still experience times of low energy where I tend to overeat, not go out, get fat, etc. I am naturally an athletic, outgoing person, so these times are frustrating, especially last year when I realized I couldn’t participate in activities with my friends because I was too out of shape, and I was self conscious about my appearance. I was in a bad place over the holidays, very low and unhealthy, and decided to try light therapy. I guess I’d been resisting because I was afraid it wouldn’t work.

I chose this box because it has the 10k lux that literature says is necessary, and because it was so lightweight I could take it when I travel. The price was WAY cheaper than I expected. I began using it as soon as I got it, for 30 minutes every morning no matter what. And WOW the results have really exceeded my expectation!

After three days I felt more confident, was able to handle a social situation that had seemed too daunting three days before. After five days I really felt like exercising, moved a treadmill into my apartment out of storage, and began using it for half an hour every morning. It just hasn’t seemed like a big deal, whereas before it was just not imaginable (depressed people can probably relate). I put the SAD light on the treadmill while I’m working out. I put it in my peripheral vision but tend to move it from side to side during the session (have no idea if that’s important. I may be keeping it too close, like 18-24″. I use the timer set for 30 minutes. I use it only once per day, for 30 minutes, and I try to use it before 8 am though I have used it as late as noon with no ill effect.

Another effect was my drive to overeat just left me completely. It could be the combination of the excise and the light therapy, but I’m into a very fit routine where I feel that I’m hungry and think about what would feel best to eat.

Bottom line: this thing has completely kicked me out of a depression, and has returned me to a state that is ideal for getting in shape and feeling good. I’m not manic, just in a really great, healthy place. I’ve sent one of these to my daughter and am recommending it to anyone who is suffering from depression. It is also small and lightweight and fairly sturdy (I’ve dropped it a few times so it dangles by the power cord, with no I’ll effect so far). One review claimed it was cheap plastic, but I think it’s fine for a product that is supposed to be lightweight and costs so little. The times and controls work as promised. It’s true that the kick-stand only has one position, but I have no trouble moving it around to get the LEDs correctly oriented to my face.



I’m a believer

12 of 14 people found the review helpful. By Sheryl R. Bieu

A friend suggested this light to me due to emotional problems that I have experienced. I was skeptical at first. And impatient.
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I expected immediate results. I was convinced to give it time and I did. I have to say that after a week I did notice results. I have panic/anxiety disorder but then depression set in. This light has helped me a great deal. At first I thought it was only because I wished it to work but then during the storm “Sandy” I noticed I hadn’t used it for 4 days and my old problems came back. I returned to using the light upping it to med light at 30 minutes. I use it every day and feel better. It’s not a miracle fix, you still need to work on it on your own but this light is working for me and I won’t miss another day.



I’ve never felt my pupils contract like that in my life

6 of 6 people found the review helpful. By Sheryl R. Bieu

I really had no hopeful expectations when purchasing this thing. I had tried a light box in the past and hated it – I felt cranky the whole time I used it.
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With fall coming and me taking so much medication that even the smell of alcohol is enough to make me woozy, my psychiatrist suggested I consider light therapy to deal with some of the blah and my night owl tendencies. Okay, it was more along the lines of him (actually) kindly saying he wasn’t going to prescribe more medication, as well as implying that coffee and sleeping pills were not supposed to be a long-term solution. Neither is shift work, glasses that block blue light, or computer programs that emphasize red or orange hues automatically at night.

Since I get along with the guy and trust his recommendations, I said I would give it a shot. I bought this thing because I didn’t want to plunk down a lot of cash (again) for something I would be throwing out two months later.

Another reviewer mentioned it wasn’t sturdy, which is true. I mean, it’s okay, but we’re not talking medical supply, built like a tank sort of thing. Don’t drop it on a hard floor, or it will likely break. It is meant to mostly hang out on a desk or be hung on a wall (it’s doable with two small nails). The adapter cord is long enough to plug behind a desk or piece of furniture. I don’t leave mine out because I don’t want my kid playing with it, and the included drawstring bag helps keep the adapter and light together in my disorganized linen closet. I have carpeting and put it away immediately after use – little chance for breaking.

I like the settings, especially the timer. Like it’s been said, the difference between 8,000 lux and 10,000 lux doesn’t look significant. I don’t own a lux meter, so I have no clue if the light is putting out what the manufacturers claim. That said, this light is bright. So, so bright. It took me by surprise – I didn’t expect that tiny thing to put out that much light.

It was enough light to send my mood off-kilter. My mood seems to be solar powered – not enough light, not enough cheer. Too much light, a cable or something catches on fire and the solar panels that are my eyes become useless. I knew that could happen going in, so I quickly took a three day break from the light and the weirdness subsided immediately. I tried 8,000 lux today instead of 10,000 – seemed okay. It is a nice way to wake up and is better than coffee. Oddly, I experience the same phenomenon when visiting relatives who live in sunny places in the winter – it’s more the jolting difference in light than anything.

Good price, convenient, and worth the purchase if you’re not sure if you want to plunk down the money for some of the larger models. Use under medical supervision if you are especially sensitive to light and it’s effect on mood – it really is bright.




Makes your body believe you are in sunlight

50 of 55 people found the review helpful. By Darrel Tucker

Every winter, I get horrendous mood swings. The dark afternoons are unwelcoming and days are short. It really affects everyones mood.
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I was recommended by friends to use SAD light therapy for years but never got down to it. Last month I finally did it. It was a luxurious thing to buy in this kind of economy but I would say it is well worth it if you are like me – my mood is so easily affected by the environment. A couple of days using this product I felt the effects of the light therapy. I think it makes your body believe you are in sunlight (like in the summer time). I feel more renewed and less tired during the day. I recommend this SAD light to everyone out there who find themselves hating the winter especially if you live in Washington.



Stay away from medications because this works

118 of 134 people found the review helpful. By Nick “nick102″

I was recommended to light therapy 10 years ago by my doctor but I never got one. I’ve been on anti-depressant medications every
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winter because I thought it was the only solution to my winter mood swings. Finally got this for this season when I found out that I didn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for a sad light. I wish I bought it years ago knowing that I’ve done so much damage to my liver from the medications. This product is amazing itself, and even better with the low price tag. I’ve recommended this to my friend who suffers from night shift jetlag.



Now I Believe The Hype – SAD, insomnia sufferer

6 of 6 people found the review helpful. By JT

I was cautiously optimistic (but really, more skeptical) when ordering this product. My doctor recommended this to me
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because I have suffered SAD, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome since I was a kid (I’m now in my early 40s). I am trying to greatly reduce my use of prescription medications, and since I was up to 2-3 pills a night to try to get a few hours’ sleep, I was willing to give this a try.

In short, I started using this about six or seven weeks ago. Following the recommendations of my doctor and other reviewers, I started by doing 15 minutes on the lower setting, then slowly working my way up to 45 minutes on high, first thing in the morning. I often do a booster of 15-30 minutes in the afternoon, since I often have late nights.

About a month in, I started to really notice my daily energy level seemed more stable. Then I started to back off the sleep medications… and it’s now been two weeks since I’ve taken an Ambien. I haven’t been able to do that in years. I’m now even reducing my RLS medication because I feel I’m sleeping better at night.

I won’t say this is a miracle worker, because I don’t know the long-term effects yet… but so far, I’m very pleased with the deeper sleep at night, better wakefulness during the day, and improved mood. I’m now starting to bring my eldest son (who has ADHD and other issues) in my room in the morning to snooze with the light on just before he needs to get ready for school. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, at the price I paid — WELL below what these lights usually go for — I am very, very pleased with this product, and have been recommending it to my friends. Just remember – not all light boxes are 10,000 lux, which my doctor said is the most crucial sticking point…. but this one is!



Amazing! I feel like it is May, but its still January

7 of 7 people found the review helpful. By Homeschoolchic

(These are my results so far and may not be typical) I am 41, live in Northern Indiana and for the last 12 years I have suffered
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with SAD (I do not take nor have I ever taken depression meds of any kind). It normally kicks into high gear around January and doesn’t let up until late February or March… until now it seems! I purchased the Sphere Lightphoria on 1/4/13 and it arrived on 1/5/13 around 8AM (next day shipping). I decided I would at least give it three or four weeks before I gave up on it… Figuring it wouldn’t help me. I used it that morning for 30 minutes and was depressed and overcome with anxiety the rest of the day. I used it the next morning for 30 minutes and had depression and anxiety the rest of the day. I used it this morning and noticed I feel fairly good. I have no anxiety and can push back the depression when it tries to sneak in. Several times today I have noticed I ‘feel’ like it is April or May although I know it is January. I still can’t believe I feel almost somewhat normal. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good in January or February.

The light itself is light weight and compact, perfect for traveling. The settings are easy to use and the buttons seem to be a decent size for someone who might have larger fingers. The cord length was longer than I expected which is nice. I would NOT call this piece of equipment cheap or junk as some reviewers have, but on the same token it isn’t indestructible. All in all I would say this light is well worth the money we spent for it INCLUDING the $25 for shipping.

1/9/13 I have used/owned the Loghtphoria for 5 mornings now. I still can’t believe how good I feel. My mood is bright and I feel pretty good, almost chipper (if I didn’t have the flu). The light still works great even though one of my children has knocked it off the nightstand a few times.

10/14/13 I took a break from using the light from April through mid September because I get plenty of natural sunlight during those months. I have used this light every day for a SOLID 4 months and have had no problems with how it functions.

Some people have complained about it not working for SAD. I can tell you that for me it has continued to be an absolute blessing! I think I might be using it differently than most people though. I am guessing that the light should be held closer than suggested to get the full effect. When I wake up in the morning I turn the light on to let my eyes adjust. While laying slightly inclined in bed I grab my iPad, place it against my bent legs, and hold the SAD light a few inches from and above my eyes. I hold it above my eyes so that it mimics the early afternoon angle of the sun. It has worked perfectly for me! Cheers!




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