What happens if a LED bulb stops emitting light? Are the LEDs replaceable?
The average LED light lasts between 25,000-50,000 hours, if you use Lightphoria for an hour each day, the bulbs will last fornover 20 years. Lightphoria also has a 1 year warranty that comes with the lamp. If the LED does malfunction please email us at info@spheregadget.com and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

How many LUX does this device provide?
Lightphoria emits 10,000 Lux at 12 inch distance from the device.

Will this lamp stimulate Vitamin D production?
No, Lightphoria cannot stimulate Vitamin D production as it does not emit UV light.

How close do I have to be to this light for optimal effect?
To have therapeutic effect, the light must be no more than 12″ – 24” away from your eyes at all times during treatment time (on the “High” setting).

Since it produces lots of bright light, will it bother my eyes?
Do not look directly into the light. Light should enter the sides of your eyes so that it does not distract your sight and focus.

Does this unit emit full-spectrum lighting?
Yes, Lightphoria emits full-spectrum light.

Where do I sign up for the 1 year warranty?
Sign up for the 1 year warranty here.

Is it possible to set the timer such that the light turns on at a specific time each day?
Lightphoria does not have a timer, you can select the length of time (15, 30, and 45 mins) and it will automatically switch off after the preset time.

I travel regularly and need a light I can take abroad. Does this operate on battery power?
The unit needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet to be used.

How long is the power cord from the AC adapter to the device?
The power cord is 30 inches in length.

Will it tan my skin or body?
As the device does not emit UV light, it will not tan your skin or body.

Is there a setting to gradually brighten for use as a wakeup light?
No, there is no setting that will gradually brighten the light intensity over time.

Can it be used in EU outlets with a simple plug adaptor, or does it need a voltage convertor? Is one included in the item?
All you need is a simple plug adaptor for EU outlets (not included with the device) and you can plug it into a socket that provides a voltage between 110V – 240V. You do not need a voltage convertor.

Do I need to purchase LEDs with this device?
No, the LEDs are provided with Lightphoria.

What is the adapter type and size?
The devices uses a standard 2 prong (United States) AC Adapter that accepts a voltage range of 110V – 240V.

Does the device emit white light or blue light?
The device emits white light.

What is the science behind light therapy, any clinical studies you can suggest for deeper reading?
1. Randomized clinical trial of bright light therapy for antepartum depression
2. Jet lag: minimizing it’s effects with critically timed bright light
3. Light therapy effective for S.A.D.

Where can I download the instruction manual?
You can download the pre-2016 version instruction manual here, and the newly revised 2016 version instructions manual here.

How do I contact Sphere Gadget Technologies and Lightphoria?
Email us at info@spheregadget.com or call us at (856) 412-5115.